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Electrical insulation resistance measuring knowledge
Update:2017-01-16 Tags:insulation

Maintenance generator priceof the normal work of the generator, winding and maintenance work is mainly regular clean, moistureproof, prevent mechanical damage, prevent overload, overheating and ensure mechanical and electrical connections are correct and reliable. When necessary, measure the insulation resistance, the generator is used to check and judge winding open circuit, short circuit and grounding (iron). To provide reliable according to accurately find out the fault location.

The generator insulation resistance measurements:

Newly installed or long stored unused units, insulation resistance value must be determined before use generator. At ambient temperature for 15 ~ 35 ℃, under the condition of air relative humidity of 45% ~ 75% of the climate, the unit of each independent electric loop and loop between cold insulation resistance shall be not less than 2 mq, hot insulation resistance shall be not less than 0.5 M Ω.

Note: the electric circuits of the independent refers to a circuit of the unit and the secondary loop, a circuit including armature winding of generator and a circuit control panel, secondary loop including generator excitation circuit and the secondary loop of the control panel.

General use megger insulation resistance measurements, rated voltage is lower than 100 v, 250 v megohmmeter was used to measure, measure besides using 500 v megohmmeter. When measuring, the switch in the on position, semiconductor devices, such as capacitor shall be dismantled or short.

Measuring attention, have to stop and shut off the power cord and equipment under test must be fully discharge, then connection. Attachment cannot be wrong, such as measuring generator winding insulation resistance to ground, the "to" end of the chassis should be with a megger (that is, the "E") connection, winding lead by megohmmeter "line" (i.e., "L"); After connected line, hold the watch body with his left hand, right hand quickly turned the handle, must be read pointer when spinning quickly stable numerical indication, as measured by the insulation resistance value.

Generator's insulation resistance is lower than the allowable values, it means the generator be affected with damp be affected with damp or insulation has damaged the leakage, the rocking-turn megohmmeter handle, the pointer swing or indicating value is small.

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