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Biogas power generation can effectively solve the methane pollution
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In recent years, rural aquaculture silent diesel generatorindustry has been rapid development, the rural environment of poultry and animal feces pollution problem in the construction of biogas engineering can reduce pollution to a great extent, but the biogas project biogas production application only used cooking and other direct combustion, unavailability of biogas can be in vain to empty a rough estimate, in the hot season, family daily the emptying of the May 1 to 2 cubic meters.

Global warming is carbon dioxide, countries around the world are taking various measures to reduce their emissions, but scientists reminder that methane is another intensifies the greenhouse effect is the murderer, it leads to the ability of global warming is carbon dioxide, methane is 23 times the main composition is methane, a large amount of methane emissions not only wastes the energy, more important is caused by air pollution. According to the characteristics of the rural areas and raw material resources, and in the countryside vigorously promote rural new energy and new clean energy source, there are many kinds of applications, one important way to solve the problem of rural energy, mature wind, solar and biogas power generation and several other wind and solar power is a kind of clean and renewable energy, but they have in common is the wind or sunshine resources dependence is very high, in central China area and not make full use of wind power and solar energy resources, and wind and solar energy facilities, low price and high service life. Biogas power generation is the use of biomass energy and renewable energy utilization technology compared to the same small biogas power generation facilities, 3 to 4 times the price of small wind turbine equipment, solar power generation equipment price is higher than the price by 22%, and small gas generator only needs to build biogas digesters, construction cost pool slightly is equivalent to the cost of a small biogas power generation equipment at present there are a lot of household biogas digesters in rural areas.

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