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Wind turbine main drive mode and comparison
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:drive

In recent years, with the popularity of environmental protection, energy saving ideas, emerging marine diesel generatormarket?? Wind power, more rapid development. As wind power of the wind turbine is increasingly widely used, the following China full on its drive way to do a simple introduction for you. At present there are two main types of wind turbine drive form: gear drive and direct drive. Gear drive type of wind turbines, divided into doubly-fed asynchronous and full power inverter type; Type direct drive wind turbines, can be divided into electric excitation direct driving route and permanent magnet direct drive route.

Gear drive and direct drive both technical route is almost at the same time, the development of gear drive so far more advantage under the new application environment, mainly displays in the following two aspects: 1, high availability doubly-fed asynchronous wind turbine, with a high speed generator speed higher than that of gear box, reduce the motor weight of improve the efficiency of power generation; At the same time use only 1/5 of rated power - a third of the current transformer, current transformer of the energy loss is small, substantial cost savings. And permanent magnet direct-drive technology its error caused by electric fan downtime, the efficiency is greatly reduced. Therefore, from the point of availability, using doubly-fed asynchronous wind turbine availability will increase sharply. 2, lower cost of transportation and hoisting fan because there is no direct driving gear box, the size and weight is concentrated on the generator, fan volume and the weight of increased the difficulty of logistics transportation and installation. Using gear drive technology of doubly-fed fan lighter, its transportation and hoisting cost less than adopting direct drive technology of the fan, so can reduce customer costs.

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