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The relationship between the valve clearance and valve body
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The overhead generator pricecamshaft valve mechanism, the use of hydraulic tappet is not traditional valve clearance. Such as German BMW 94 annual production of 316 I / 318 bus four-cylinder machine, American CVH gasoline engine series gasoline engine using the hydraulic pressure of the body. Thermal expansion valve rod body of this mechanism is the hydraulic compensation. But if it is not a mechanism of hydraulic cylinder, even if the top of the CAM shaft, also should have the valve clearance. Such as Germany's Volkswagen golf car engine, USES the top mounted directly driven CAM CAM mechanism type, the valve clearance adjustment block, block according to 0.05 mm to adjust to a package. In recent years, the new golf cart is still using the same engine valve mechanism, but the valve head pad instead is a new type of hydraulic cushion block, from the gap adjustment problems. With the same structure and 1993 German Benz company produces four door sedan TCI1.8 OM600 series diesel engine, the ford motor company litres of automotive diesel engine, Volkswagen TDI1.9 liter diesel engine car, santana and jetta car engine, and so on.

Direct contact with the high temperature gas valve head surface, so the inlet valve and the heating valve and exhaust valve exhaust by high temperature gas in the process of erosion, especially in just open the exhaust valve cylinder pressure is still relatively high, the exhaust valve opening is smaller, high temperature gas high speed between valve and valve seat, therefore, the heating of exhaust valve is more serious. In the gasoline engine, air inlet temperature of 300 degrees Celsius to 500, the temperature of the exhaust valve can be as high as 800 to 800, strengthen after high speed diesel engine exhaust valve can reach that level. Research shows that about 76% of thermal valve walk by a seat, air valve stem and valve guide for a walk.

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