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Diesel generator set noise problem had to be taken into account
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:noise

Diesel generator100kva generator before installation issue to consider a lot, not only to consider problem such as fire and dust prevention, environmental protection, the noise of the demands in generator installation should also be considered. If the generator is installed in the nearby residents, should for noise reduction processing or purchasing silent type generator. Diesel generator set is the most frequent source of complex machine, along with the structural type and size of units, the different operating condition, the effects of each send sound to the total noise is different, in general, units of various kinds of noise is roughly in order of the following: exhaust noise and combustion noise and mechanical noise, fan noise and intake noise.

Noise reduction design basic idea is: first of all find out all kinds of noise source of the biggest component and its frequency characteristic, the related technical measures are taken, try to reduce the noise level of each sound source is roughly the same level, some easy to reduce noise source can reduce more, noise reduction and other technical requirements taken together. Noise control can consider from several aspects: (1). The exhaust noise control, (2) mechanical noise control, (3) control of the combustion noise, (4). The cooling fan and the exhaust noise, (5). Into the wind noise control, 6. Generator noise control.

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