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The characteristics of the diesel generator:
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(1), stand-alone capacity generator 40kwlevel. International unit from a few kilowatts to tens of thousands of kilowatts, domestic biggest thousands of kilowatts unit

(2), the equipment compact structure, flexible installation location (water-cooled just 34 ~ 1/10 of the 82 l/KW.H turbine)

(3), high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, heat efficiency of 30 ~ 46%)

(4), start quickly, and can quickly reach full power It only takes a few seconds, emergency within 1 minute expire with full load (normal 5 ~ 30 min) outage process short, can often start stop.

(5), maintenance, simple operation, less people, easy maintenance during standby

(6), diesel generating sets low comprehensive cost of the construction and power generation

The technical characteristics of diesel engine

1), 50 hz decided to speed 3000 1500 1000 750 500 375 300

2), the output voltage 400/230 50 hz cos Φ = 0.8

3), wide power change 0.5 KW to 10000 KW to 1500 KW 12 as a fixed or mobile power, standby power Marine power station is commonly used as power supply, the power can reach tens of thousands of KW

4), has a certain power reserves. 10-20%, standby power nominal power for 12 hours, common power supply for the continuous output

5), is equipped with speed control device

6), has the high power supply reliability and automation function

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