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Diesel engine to choose factor to consider
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:diesel

1, the use of dieselgenerator 500kw engine. For frequent starting and often moving machinery, such as tractors, agricultural vehicles, mobile power station, etc., can choose light high speed diesel engine; For fixed power plant, such as agricultural irrigation and drainage, agricultural and sideline products processing machinery supporting power, you can choose rotational speed is low and the potentiality of diesel engine. At the same time, for agricultural power, most of the long-term continuous operation, so the good economy is very important.

2, the service life of diesel engine and working reliability. Due to poor rural use and maintenance condition, should choose to long-term reliable operation of diesel engine, and cannot be divorced from reality, pure pursuit of indicators advanced.

3, want to consider to diesel engines "seriation, standardization, generalization" level. "Three" high degree of diesel engine replacement gm parts and repair is very convenient, and parts supply is adequate, so try to choose products.

4, due to factors such as wear and tear of the parts, in the long-term operation of diesel engine power and fuel economy will gradually reduce, so in the form a complete set of diesel engine power to the appropriate scope, in order to make full use of its benefits. Plateau areas should also be considered due to the high altitude, low atmospheric pressure and cause of the decline of the power.

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