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Diesel engine unit cold start when the matters for attention
Update:2017-01-16 Tags:diesel

Diesel generator generatorcooling machine starts, because of heavy oil viscosity, liquidity is poor, is that shortage of lubricating oil in oil pump to machine friction surface for lack of oil, poor lubrication cause rapid wear, such as cylinder, tile burning even failure. Diesel engine cooling after start-up, therefore, should be idle running to heat up, for the oil loading again when the temperature is above 40 ℃; Machine should start on low gear, and step by step in a mileage every gears, until the oil temperature is normal, after fully, only to run normally.

The diesel engine cold start after fierce boom throttle

If fierce detonation throttle, the diesel generator speed rise sharply, will cause some friction on the surface due to dry friction and severe wear. In addition, the boom throttle when the piston, connecting rod and crank shaft force change is big, cause dramatic impact, easy attaint parts.

In the cooling water shortage or cooling water and oil under the condition of high temperature operation, diesel generator cooling water shortage will reduce the cooling effect, due to can not get effective cooling diesel engine overheating; High oil temperature of the cooling water, oil, can also cause the diesel engine is overheating. The diesel generator cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston components and valve such as the main heat load is big, sharp decline in its mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, increase the deformation of parts, reduce the fit clearance between the parts, accelerate parts wear and tear, serious when still can produce crack, parts stuck fault. Diesel generator overheating will also worsen diesel engine combustion process, make the fuel injector work disorder, atomization, carbon deposit.

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