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Simple introduction to the use of diesel engine running in plateau area
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New or diesel enginegenerator overhaul, before the formal use should be 60 h after the operation, can be put into use at full load. In order to improve the working condition of diesel engine, improve the operation reliability and service life of diesel engine. Should be regarded as a different way of use diesel engine running and towing, considering the specific operating procedures. In principle with increasing milling time stage, then gradually increase the engine speed and load, the load at runtime in 12 h calibration of 50% - 50% of the electricity is appropriate, speed should not exceed 80% of the calibration. But in the early stages of the running operation time of transfer or small load condition should not be too long. When the replacement of cylinder liner, piston, piston rings, connecting rod bearing and bending also according to the operation conditions of the normal use of the appropriate short-term adjustment.

Diesel engine was put into normal use, often should look at all the indicating value of the instrument and observe the machine operation, should check the liquid level of the cooling system and lubricating oil, such as found inconsistent requirements or leakage loss should be added or check the original due to be excluded. In the process of operation, especially when the anticlimactic load, attention should be paid to prevent the engine speed increases suddenly, the governor of failure (commonly known as speed) than predetermined value, when there is such a situation, should immediately take emergency measures, and of Matching sure why

Users choose diesel engine not only should consider the size and power required for mechanical work, must also consider the load of mechanical work, such as the use of a batch, continuous use. At the same time, we must consider the economic operation of the machine, the working characteristic of load and the characteristics of the diesel engine, must be reasonable allocation. Therefore diesel engine power calibration correct and reasonable match of diesel engine and the mechanical properties of work, but to ensure that the diesel engine is reliable, long life, the premise of economic operation, otherwise it may make the diesel engine running overloaded and unnecessary failure or load power is small, the power of the diesel engine can not be make full use of, this is economy and guide the oil and other diseases.

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