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锘?135 diesel engine cylinder sleeve assembly
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1 jacket mounting holes should be without any damage or scratch the edge of cylinder sleeve o-ring, the outer wall of cylinder sleeve and bearing hole must be clean.

2 will not loading resistance hydrosphere but jacket containing copper washer assembly into the body, and then in the end will be forcibly cylinder casing pressure tight, then use the depth measurement on the cylinder jacket end protruding the body the distance of the plane. Under normal circumstances, the distance should be in the range of 0.04 ~ 0.15 mm.

3 check modular cylinder cover two jacket on transverse distance of convex body end face, that the difference between the two distance is less than 0.04 mm, otherwise a jacket should be replaced.

4 put copper washer and resistance hydrosphere on the jacket. When assembling resistance hydrosphere, should be placed evenly and not reverse. Resistance hydrosphere installed, should inspect resistance hydrosphere jacket to cooperate with the height of the outer surface of protruding shall generally be in the range of 0.35 ~ 0.65 mm. If the projection is less than 0.35 mm, will cause the untight seal, make the cooling water through the resistance inside hydrosphere into the oil pan; If the projection is greater than 0.65 mm, will be deformation in the cylinder jacket, but also not conducive to assembly. Copper washer and the resistance of the hydrosphere assembly position as shown in figure 11-19.

5 cylinder set into the body before, for ease of assembly, should put some oil on resistance hydrosphere or soap and water, etc.

6 cylinder sleeve assembly, special tool set within the cylinder jacket, with his hands, while rotating force to press can be loaded. In the process of assemble cylinder jacket, hydrosphere and copper gasket edge to prevent resistance.

7 cylinder set into the body, after the general check with inner scale resistance hydrosphere of roundness is in excess of the prescribed standards.

8 after the assembly, should carry on the leakage test. Method is: will head gasket and cylinder head mount, and in accordance with the provisions of technical requirements for fixed nut screw down the cylinder cover. The outlet pipe mouth closed, and then the water pressure tester received feed line mouth pumping experiment was carried out. Required pump water pressure between 0.3 ~ 0.5 MPa stop after 10 min, outer wall at the bottom of the cylinder liner and the cylinder cover and the body joint shall not have leakage phenomenon. Hydrostatic test after passing the cylinder cover removed.

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