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The main noise sources of diesel engine
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:noise

From 95 to 128generator pricedecibels of noise is usually by the operation of the diesel generator set. If you don't take the necessary noise reduction measures, the operation of the unit of the noise will cause serious damage to the environment. In order to protect and improve environment quality, we must control the noise.

Diesel generator set production of diesel engine, including exhaust noise, mechanical noise and combustion noise, cooling fan, exhaust noise, wind noise, noise generator, the basis of vibration transmission noise, such as:

1, the exhaust noise. Exhaust noise is a kind of high temperature, high speed air flow pulsation noise, is one of the biggest energy, engine noise and up to 100 decibels of noise, is the main part of the total engine noise. Exhaust noise generator to generate a simple exhaust pipe (generator wife exhaust) direct emissions, with the increase of air velocity, frequency noise has been greatly improved, so nearby residents caused serious influence of life.

2, machinery noise and combustion noise. Mechanical noise is mainly caused by the periodic variation of gas pressure and inertia force of the engine. The characteristics of noise propagation and attenuation. The structure of the combustion noise vibration and noise of diesel combustion process.

3, cooling fan, exhaust noise. Fan noise is made up of eddy current, rotation noise and mechanical noise. Exhaust noise, air flow noise, fan noise, mechanical noise through the vent channel, cause noise pollution to the environment.

4, into the wind noise. The function of the inlet channel is to guarantee the normal operation of the engine, to create a good cooling conditions for the unit. Unit into the wind channel must be able to enter the wind into the room, but the same unit of mechanical noise, air flow noise outside the passage through the air into the engine room.

5, the ground vibration noise transmission. The mechanical vibration of diesel engine based outside and then strong long-distance transmission surface radiated noise again.

Diesel generator room noise reduction processing principle is to ensure that the ventilation conditions of diesel generating set, without reducing the output power, using sound-absorbing material, silencing equipment inlet and exhaust passage and exhaust system noise reduction, noise emissions to reach the national standard (85 db (a).

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