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The working principle of fuel filter
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In order to automatic diesel generatorguarantee continuous operating diesel engine, the fuel out of the tank must be carefully remove impurities. If fuel poor filtration, precision coupling of fuel injection pump and injector will soon wear or stuck. Precision matching parts wear, will cause uneven each cylinder oil, fuel consumption increase and a decline in power.

Two filter is generally installed in the diesel engine. The first for the strainer, before it is installed in the pump, filter out the larger impurities. Can the second as the fine filter, filter out tiny impurities, before it is installed in the fuel injection pump.

Net type filter commonly used strainer. Fine filter usually use paper and felt filter and high-pressure slit type filter.

First, the print cartridge type filter

It is mainly composed of element, shell and filter of three parts. Fuel oil transfer pump into the fuel filter, through the print cartridge, remove the impurity in the fuel, into the filter oil cylinder cavity, then through the oil cavity filter seat, the fuel injection pump. Filter seat is equipped with oil return connector, built-in relief valve, when the fuel pressure in the fuel filter more than 0.08 MPa, extra fuel from the oil return connection back to the fuel tank. Connection of low-pressure fuel line should be in accordance with the direction arrow on, cannot be wrong. Filter at the bottom of the sealing washer is installed inside the spring seat, spring will bottom sealing effect of sealing washer is clingy in the nut. By rod connections between filter and the shell, and a rubber ring seal, filter top has deflated screw, in use can be open air screw to clear the air in the fuel filter.

Second, the felt filter

Felt filter is mainly composed of filter, filter element and filter cover, etc.

Filter in a filter body, it is composed of metal mesh, silk and felt filter, filter consists of seven pieces of thicker, eight piece of thin, alternately with each other on the screen. In mesh upper welding clamp, bottom welding has a base, on the base screw nut, through the tray will be felt filter press on the upper platen.

Filter cover screw into and out of the tubing connector, and put the cock of the trachea, equipped with deflated mouth on cock.

Filter and filter cover and connected with the center pole, screwing in its end at the bottom of the filter body screw plug, the other end of the screw nut, connection between the two. Filter comes in a fortress of screw spring compression on the filter cover.

7 into the fuel oil from the oil inlet filter between shell and inner cavity, and then through the felt filter with silk set into the lumen of metal mesh and along the pipeline flow from here to the flowline, installation of tubing in order to get clean without air of fuel and air is collected in the upper portion of the filter. Put a cock to was released from the oil cavity with fuel in the air. Diesel engine air discharge must be before starting.

Three, high-pressure slit type filter

Fuel before entering the nozzle, on a lot of diesel engine is equipped with high-pressure slit filter, filtering for the last time. This filter by a steel filter rod grinding, with a small gap (about 0.02 to 0.02 mm) inserted into the socket, on the filter rod milling eight - 40 oil groove, half to feed, and the other half of the oil, both mutual crisscross, fuel since the end, through the gap, from the other end, making some tiny impurities in tank to achieve the purpose of filtering. And can prolong the use time of nozzle, but fuel quality is good, this kind of filter can work 400-500 hours after cleaning.

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